Mostra Angelo Savelli Within


Mirco Marchelli 
Voices in Chapter
12 February – 2 July 2023
Curated by Paolo Bolpagni and Giovanni Battista Martini
Catalogue Dario Cimorelli Editore

Under the auspices of the Municipality of Lecce

Fondazione Biscozzi | Rimbaud dedicates its fourth exhibition to Mirco Marchelli (Novi Ligure, Piedmont, 1963), a highly original composer-artist, who has conceived a sort of “total work” for our spaces, comprising a six-voice mixed piece in three parts, diffused through loudspeakers in the rooms, creating a true sound installation, and a unitary nucleus of eighteen ad hoc created polymathic works.
Biographically, Marchelli’s starting point is music: first practised in the guise of a performer, then pursued – as a parallel activity, complementary and integrated with his work as a visual artist – in the sphere of composition, with an uncommon freedom and originality. To consider it by separating these aspects, or ignoring one or another of them, belittles the strength of a multifaceted yet coherent aesthetic thought.
Voices in Chapter is a project created for the Fondazione Biscozzi | Rimbaud: in each of the three rooms of the exhibition, six works, for a total of eighteen, are hung on the white walls, constituting a compact cycle, and a recording of the original composition written on verses by Edoardo Sanguineti is listened to via a sophisticated audio system, thus uniting the visual element with the musical one.